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Loyal, intelligent, sporty, good health


This old canine breed from Switzerland is still very little known in Canada and especially new in Quebec!

Appenzell Mountain Dogs have the same colors as Bernese Mountain Dogs, but otherwise they are very different from Bernese Mountain Dogs.

The Appenzellois are much smaller (50 to 60 pounds), their hair is short, their tail is curled on their back and they are above all much more energetic than the Bernese Mountain Dogs.

These dogs are characterized by their beauty, but they have much more to offer! Appenzell Mountain Dogs are very loyal and affectionate dogs. Their most striking characteristic is their extraordinary intelligence and their great joy of life. This breed loves to work, learns very quickly and wants to please its owner at all costs!

It is one of the best breeds in the world for dog sports, such as obedience, Fly Ball and Agility!

The Appenzell Mountain Dog is a playful and energetic dog who absolutely needs an active family! Thanks to his level of affection and his great intelligence,  an Appenzell resident must be integrated into family life and needs to be kept busy. But with a good dose of daily physical exercise, this breed can live well both in a house and in an apartment.

Appenzell Mountain Dogs generally have very good health and can often live 14 years or more.

Our Appenzellois Bouvier puppies are sold with a microchip and 1st vaccination.

The sale price includes the first vaccination, their health record, a health examination by our veterinarian and their collar and leash made in Quebec. Our puppies are dewormed regularly and they all have a microchip implanted for identification.

We give you a guarantee on viral diseases for 14 days and on congenital malformations we give you a guarantee for 4 years. Full day training is provided by us and after-sales support for life. ;Puppies, true to breed, can be sold with breeding rights, but certain conditions apply.


- Carefully read our Brochure on the Appenzell breed and other information you find on the Internet. This will give you an idea if this breed of dog fits well with your lifestyle.
- Complete our adoption questionnaire in detail and honestly and send it to us by email to
- Then we will contact you by telephone to make an appointment for your "adoption interview". During this interview you will spend 2 hours with us to meet our charming dogs. We will sit down with you to answer all your questions and then we will take a walk with you and our Appenzell dogs. So you will see our dogs in action outdoors and also calmer indoors.

-  If everything is going well and you (and we ;-) think that an Appenzell dog will be the right dog for you, you can place your puppy reservation for the next available litter. (Reservation deposit $500)
Sale price on request.
It will be our pleasure to introduce you to this  extraordinary canine breed, the Appenzellois Bouvier dogs!

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